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Keynote: How Associations can Thrive in the Era of Disruption

Companies are less profitable today than they were in 1965. Job satisfaction has been declining since 1987. Organizations are losing billions in employee turnover. Global research indicates the top concern among executives is their inability to recruit and retain talent.

What's your association doing to solve this global crisis?

Sarah Sladek, a well-known author and speaker on the subject of future generations, just completed writing her fifth book. In her keynote she will share the results of her study of the most future-facing companies in the United States today, and also serve up a call to action on the important role associations must play in solving the global workforce crisis.

According to Sarah, associations must be capable of not only successfully navigating this era of disruption, but leading it. Associations must aspire to not only serve their membership, but to actively contribute to the greater good of our industries and communities. Her presentation promises to equip you with valuable insights and inspire you to rethink how you do business and respond to the challenges of the world.
Sarah Sladek
CEO XYZ University