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Keynote: Leadership in a Globalising World

We are entering a new era of multi-culturalism and transnationalism. Dramatic innovations in communications technology over the past 25 years allowing people and organisations around the world to interact personally through electronic means, increased economic interaction among countries via extensive trade and investment, and the rapid blurring and spanning of multiple boundaries and borders are all markers of globalisation.

The transition to a knowledge-based economy requiring ongoing innovation, adaptability, and collaboration has only hastened this as the speed of exchange is limited only by how fast characters and images speed through the autobahns of the World Wide Web. With the pressures of constant change, globalisation has brought about strong economic shifts that have benefited some and disadvantaged others.

In this turbulent global environment, full of complex problems and challenges, leadership is clearly more important than ever in navigating our way. The importance of and paradox of leadership today has been amplified by the increased interactions and interdependencies among people, organisations, and societies. Effective leadership is, in part, defined by local cultural context while simultaneously requiring a global perspective to be successful.

In this talk, Cherrey will explore the paradox of globalisation in a time of increasing nationalism. She will also consider the questions of what leadership looks like in a global society and explore some of the leadership capacities needed in today’s interdependent and ever changing world.

Cynthia Cherrey
President & CEO
International Leadership Association